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Autodesk Virtual Academy is a flexible and convenient learning experience for the Autodesk community. Join us every Thursday morning at 10 a.m. to participate, ask questions, and learn.

This week:

Start Using iLogic Today

10 a.m. PT - Thursday, September 20th

As technology changes and customer demand for tailored services and solutions grow, it becomes more difficult to adapt without automating or making changes to better tend to customer needs. This is the issue we’ve heard brought up with a large segment of our customers.

Luckily, iLogic within Inventor, is the answer to our prayers. With basic iLogic knowledge, you can create rules to automate, standardize, configure your designs and more.

This week’s session, we will focus on getting you up and running with iLogic. Application Engineer, Eric Paul will walk you through the most essential steps for beginners, this includes:

  • How to create a rule to change parameters based on logic
  • How Inventor’s parametric modeling can be driven by user choices
  • How to create a form for a user to drive the model
  • Options on where to run the code
  • And you’ll learn how to automate repetitive designs

    Together, these skills will help you save time, avoid errors, and stay consistent.

    Looking for a more in-depth iLogic session? Visit our Contact Us page to connect with one of our Customer Success Managers to learn about our 4-hour Productivity Training, exclusively for KETIV Streamline customers.

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