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Autodesk Virtual Academy is a flexible and convenient learning experience for the Autodesk community. Join us every Thursday morning at 10 a.m. to participate, ask questions, and learn.

This week:

Demystifying Nonlinear FEA in Nastran In-CAD

10 a.m. PT - Thursday, June 21st

Most Finite Element Analysis (FEA) problems are treated as linear. However, almost all physical structures exhibit some nonlinear behavior. Using linear instead of nonlinear FEA can lead to inaccurate results, making design decisions more difficult.

In this AVA, we will discuss how to determine if a problem is linear or nonlinear and how to accurately capture this behavior in Nastran In-CAD.

Application Engineer, Nikhil Venkat will be uncovering: 

  • What is non-linearity? 
  • How and why does non-linearity occur? 
  • Types of nonlinear FEA problems
  • How to setup a nonlinear analysis in Nastran In-CAD

Nonlinear FEA is often overlooked, because it can be complicated. This week's AVA is all about simplifying the process and making it less intimidating for the everyday user. 

We are excited to announce...

We know how Fusion Lifecycle / Product Lifecycle Management has helped companies bring their products to market faster and optimize their workflows. 

With you in mind, we have created an AVA for Fusion Lifecycle users! Learn more and sign up here.

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