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This week:

Sheet Metal Unfold Rules

10 a.m. PT - Thursday, January 24th

Unfolding sheet metal can sometimes be thought of as a black box. Knowing how flat patterns are created from folded parts (and vice versa) can help open that box up and give you the ability to create the flat patterns you need to accurately manufacture your designs.

Senior Solution Architect Matt Bussey brings his 20 years of experience as both a Product Designer and Product Architect for Inventor, focusing on Sheet Metal, to help you master the rules of unfolding sheet metal. In this session, Matt will walk you through:

  1. How flat pattern math works
  2. The different methods used to calculate the unfolded bends in a sheet metal part
  3. How Inventor gives you the ability to use all of the most common methods of flat pattern calculations

Prepare to open the black box…

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