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Autodesk Virtual Academy is a flexible and convenient learning experience for the Autodesk community. Join us every Thursday morning at 10 a.m. Pacific Time to participate, ask questions, and learn.

Topics Include:

inventor-product-icons.png  DWG Underlays in Inventor

Learn how to bring 2D AutoCAD drawings into your Inventor parts and assemblies and quickly generate associative 3D data.

vault-basic-2016-badge-40px.png  Process Automation in Vault

Get familiar with some of the automation available in Vault to create auxilary files.

autocad-electrical-2016-badge-40px.png  AutoCAD Electrical - Project Templates

Establish standards with project templates in AutoCAD Electrical which can be transferred to other projects or make new project setup easier and reliable.

factory-design-utilities-product-icons.png  Factory Design Utilities- Asset Creation

Explore best practices for asset creation in Factory Design utilities for both 2D and 3D facilities layout.

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Adam Estrada

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