Autodesk Fusion Fridays is an ongoing series of free 30-minute webinars providing training, tips and all the latest Fusion 360 updates. Join us twice a month to grow your skills in Fusion 360! 

Share and Manage your Fusion 360 Data Like an Expert 

Friday, August 17th – 10 a.m. PT 

This session we're showing you how to  manage your data and collaborate more intuitively! You will learn how the data management process works, how to access your data from anywhere and how to manage your data in the online web version. 
Application Engineer and Customer Success Manager, Brian Mongkolpoonsuk will be showing you how to: 
  • Import and export data
  • Share a public link or start a live review to collaborate with other users
  • Manage offline cache in the data panel
  • Share CAD/CAM/CAE data with other users
  • Manage your data in the web browser

Proper organization and management skills are critical to designing and manufacturing a product successfully.

Join us to learn how to manage your data like an pro!