Autodesk Fusion Fridays is an ongoing series of free 30-minute webinars providing training, tips and all the latest Fusion 360 updates. Join us twice a month to grow your skills in Fusion 360! 

Creating a Custom Drop Plate

Friday, March 30th – 10 a.m. PT 

We've all been there, we're running late and our keys and wallet are no where to be found. In this session, we will show you how to create your very own personalized drop plate that you can use to store your keys, wallet, and more! 

After modeling the plate, we will cover: 

  • CAM workspaces 
  • How to create toolpaths
  • How to run your x-carve with Fusion
  • Posting out to your machine
  • Setting up your part in the machine


If you're a hobbyist designing and creating your own work or just curious about how the design to manufacturing workflow is conducted, be sure to tune in!

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