Executive Forum:

Voices in Manufacturing

Join an elite group of manufacturing leaders for a thought-provoking learning experience. 

KETIV's quarterly event provides leaders with insight into future innovations, while challenging current ideas and trends in an engaging environment.

Prudential Lighting is the nationally admired hub of innovation in LED lighting. This makes for the perfect environment to learn from keynote speaker, Greg Fallon, Autodesk's Vice President of Generative Design and Manufacturing Products. 


This quarter's session will discuss:
Push Button Manufacturing


About the Day

The nature of work is changing rapidly and we must find ways to adapt. Greg Fallon, Vice President of Generative Design and Manufacturing Products at Autodesk, will discuss how we can remove the constraints on design that traditional manufacturing processes impose, along with a discussion of the major catalysts for disruption that we are seeing. With a convergence of new technologies in manufacturing, our goal is to make these technologies available to everyone. Our prediction: “as designed” will become “as built” with the push of a button.

After the discussion, we will take a tour of Prudential Lighting and gain insight into how they have adapted to stay at the forefront of innovation, specifically with the revolutionary introduction of LED lighting. 

Event Details:

June 12th, 2018

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Prudential Lighting Company
1760 East 22nd Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90058

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Jon Steele1

Jon Steele

General Manager, Prudential Lighting

Greg Fallon

Greg Fallon

Vice President of Generative Design and Manufacturing Products, Autodesk

Anthony Rodrguez Headshot-2

Anthony Rodriguez

Vice President, KETIV